Here's How To Lose 7 lbs In 7 Days in MIDLIFE...
Without Crash Dieting, Feeling Hungry,
Or Spending Hours In The Gym

Watch this video for how:

  • Lose The Bloat
  • Drop The Weight
  • Gain Your Confidence



  • See immediate results: get the simple 7 day plan that puts your body into fat burning mode. You will lose the bloat, stop the cravings, and get your energy back.
  • Save time: Whip up most meals in 10 minutes or less with fast prepping and minimal cooking. Your grocery list is organized by sections of the store for quick and easy in-and-out shopping.
  • Eat real food: No shakes, pills, bars, or packaged foods are needed. Learn how to eat for real life. 
  • + ​NEW EXTENSIVE Swap Out Food Guide: easily swap out food that you don't like, can't get, or can't eat.
  • No workouts required: This is not a workout plan but rather a complete 7 Day Jump Start nutrition program to Jump Start weight loss. This plan will work with any fitness level.


  • Where the mind goes, the body follows: set yourself up for success with Natalie Jill's proven mindset method.
  • Learn how to change your internal monologue: no longer experience guilt or bad feelings around food and your diet. 
  • Gain the tools to make lasting smart food choices: motivation becomes easy when you identify your goals and know what you want.
  • Goal Setting Support: specific activities to shift your brain into a weight loss mindset.


  • 7 Days of virtual coaching: Over this 7 day period, you'll receive daily emails and videos where I show you exactly what you should be doing to succeed. 
  • You'll have private access: All of the information you need to succeed is in one convenient location accessible both on desktop or a mobile device. 
  • ​​​Get Insider Information: I share all of my best tips, tricks, and success-practices to make sure you get and keep the results you want!
  • Failure is not an option: With me as your coach, you stay motivated and get results. 


They All Began With The 7 Day Jump Start Program

“Change your life! I'm 53, hypothyroid, in menopause, low blood pressure, degenerative disc disease, sports injuries abbondanza, tried every, EVERY program, raising my 8 yr old autistic grandchild and I run my own mobile dog grooming business (by myself !) I couldn’t accept when doctors told me, “You’re over 50 this is just something you have to deal with.” 

I decided to put my faith in everything NJ has to teach and followed it with NO excuses!! Having balanced meals without counting calories and 20-30 minute workouts got me where I want to be.

I highly recommend this to anyone who has been struggling with different programs. All you have to do is DECIDE to listen to Natalie Jill and her team. They are inspirational. Natalie is like having a personal trainer, a best friend, a support system, a nutrition specialist all in one. She is kind yet tough and doesn’t take excuses.”


*Results vary depending on goals, effort and start point.

“I gained about 20 lbs after going through early menopause. I have a small body frame, 4'11", and to go from a size 0 to an 8-10, was just too much for me to handle. 

Menopause slowed everything for me and my body changed tremendously. I started having major aches and pains every whereas well, along with horrible backaches. My cholesterol and BMI skyrocketed.

Whatever I did, I couldn't lose weight and was convinced that I'm doomed for the rest of my life and that I have to learn to live with all the changes. I couldn't stand looking at myself in the mirror and kept telling myself that someday I will lose the weight.  

I spent a lot of money hiring personal trainers and working out, but still wasn't getting the results I needed. I found NJ through one of my personal trainers and signed up. I saw results immediately and what helped me was following a very simple plan and eating very good food! I realized that in order to be successful, I had to stick to a "new lifestyle".  

Natalie's simplified ways to eat, helped me along the way. She made my life easier. She made me realize that I need to enjoy the process and love myself. I still follow her today. She will remain my mentor forever! I am her # 1 fan. ️She has been my inspiration, my role model. I couldn't do any of this without her.”


*Results vary depending on goals, effort and start point.

“For years, I was an avid runner & really didn't struggle with my weight that much; but after a knee injury requiring surgery, I was never able to run at the level I did before.  

I tried Other diets/ programs but they really didn't work for me b/c I always felt deprived, hungry & irritable. I also hate long, boring workouts in the gym & just could not stay committed.  

NJs programs were simple, easy to follow, quick, & you didn't have to have any special equipment. I weighed in at 165. I followed the the 7 day Jump start eating & exercise plan & immediately began to see results. I felt better, had more energy, felt less bloated & in just a few days my clothes began to feel less constricting!  

I can honestly say that this has become a lifestyle change. I no longer crave the sweets, fast foods, or junk food anymore. Nor do I feel deprived when someone eats a donut in front of me. I've learned that healthy food is good food & it is very satisfying. I now weigh 139 & I am able to wear all my favorite clothes again...all size 8!!! I know that I never could've done this without NJ, her programs & all the wonderful supporters I met! The entire NJ team rocks!” 


*Results vary depending on goals, effort and start point.

“I just want to share my success with you! I decided to make some big lifestyle changes with regard to my eating and exercising.

I began speaking negatively about myself; even in front of my daughter, which is something I swore I'd never do! I called myself "fat", "gross", etc in front of her!  

So, I decided to invest in the 7-day Jump Start! The 7-day Jump Start has served as a guide to meal planning. I love it! I lost 7 pounds in the first week and have now lost a total of 36 pounds! And I'm still going! I am happier, healthier and fitter...thanks to you!  

I could go on and on about what this journey has been like for me...the good days and the more challenging days! But, mostly, I just wanted to share my before/after photo with you! My husband and kids have a hard time believing it's the same person in both pictures!  

I tell people all the time about your programs and how amazing you are! Thank you for your commitment to helping others be healthy...I'm just one more to add to your list of thousands you've helped. Awesome!!!!”


*Results vary depending on goals, effort and start point.


For those of you that don’t know me yet… Hi! I’m Natalie Jill and I’m not just another “fitness girl”. Some things you don’t know about me (yet):

This was me (above picture) before I developed the 7 Day Jump Start. I didn’t get into “fitness” and “nutrition” at all until I was 39.

Almost two decades ago, I was a divorced single mom, overweight, broke, in debt and had lost my house. I JUST had a baby, YES BUT she weighed 6 lbs.

That was it. The additional 60 lbs I gained was from french fries and McDonald’s sundaes.

And MONTHS after she was born I was STILL overweight AND depressed. My confidence was totally gone!

I searched for a way to fix it all and I was met with INFORMATION OVERLOAD. Ugh! It was SO confusing and all I found was complicated conflicting methods! I decided I was going to search for a simple, easy to follow method.

I studied, I researched, I practiced on my friends and myself! I became a Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist, I became a certified Personal Trainer and learned everything I could! The RESULTS happened quickly and effortlessly and then the 7 day jump start was born!

"I believe everyone deserves to experience life in a body 
they feel confident in. I've helped hundreds of thousands 
of women and now it's your turn."

Almost two decades later, I’m in my 50s now and in the BEST shape of my entire life.

I have six international magazine covers under my belt, millions of followers worldwide, and a successful online business.

As a bestselling author and certified fat-loss expert, I've had the privilege to change hundreds of thousands of people’s lives.

Think about it. Where will YOU be in ten years if you make this decision TODAY?

I don't have a single, itty-bitty doubt in my mind you can achieve your fitness goals–– if you DECIDE to commit to them.

I believe everyone deserves to experience life in a body they feel confident in, which is why I’m so deeply passionate about sharing my secret to fast and lasting fat loss with as many women as I possibly can.

I don’t believe in deprivation, because I KNOW from personal and professional experience it NEVER works long-term.

Stop listening to fitness coaches, gurus, and greedy internet marketers who feed you a blizzard of empty promises, misinformation, and ultra-restrictive diets.

When you eat like a bird and beat yourself up with crazy, unrealistic workouts, you’ll only tear your body down, complicate your relationship with food, and gain more fat as soon as you quit––which you will, because it's NOT a sustainable way to live!

What DOES work, in the long run, is small but effective habits that are easy and FUN to maintain.

If you don’t love your lifestyle, you’re not loving your LIFE. It's as simple as that: your health routine should be a recipe for happiness, not misery.

If everything else you’ve tried has deflated your energy, self-esteem, and motivation, then the next 7 days will do the complete opposite!


Stop weight loss overwhelm & simplify the process with The 7 Day Jump Start

The 7 Day Jump Start is a simple to follow 7 day formula that gets the body in FAT BURNING mode, helps LOSE the bloat, and STOPS the cravings.

This is not a workout plan but rather a complete 7 Day Jump Start nutrition program to Jump Start weight loss. This plan will work with any fitness level.

The program is simple, based on REAL food, requires minimal cooking, and is naturally gluten free, soy free and peanut free.

Picky eater? DON’T Worry!! There are lots of substitution options so picky eaters can eat the foods that they actually LIKE to eat! If a certain food is not available in your area, or you don’t like or are allergic to a food… just ‘swap it out’- no problem 🙂

There are NO supplements required on this plan.

How do I start? It is simple! Just click here and get INSTANT access to the simple formula that has helped so many get radical results.


Stay Lean Smoothies & Juices

Get Natalie Jill’s favorite yummy juice and smoothie recipes for staying lean, healthy, energized, and REFRESHED!

  • 45 Smoothies
  • ​24 Juices
  • ​Gluten-Free
  • ​All Natural
  • ​High in Fiber
  • ​Lean and Healthy 

Build A Meal Guide

Learn Natalie Jill’s easy meal planning method with step-by-step instructions for what, when, and how much to make sure your body gets EXACTLY what it needs to thrive.

Includes a thorough list of over 365 foods approved and recommended by Natalie Jill, PLUS quick and straightforward templates to plug and play your daily meals.


DSR Journal

The #1 tool for creating the life of your dreams!

Set up your day for success, just like Natalie Jill does! Organize your new healthy life with the Keep It Going Planner with daily prompts and simple steps outlined in 90-day sprints to get you RADICAL results!

  • Monthly check-in for accountability
  • ​Keep on track to get your dream results
  • ​Establish your goals in actionable steps

Build A Body Workout Guide

Maximize your weight loss and tone your muscles with Natalie Jill’s Build A Body Workout Guide!

Includes 46 Do-Anywhere Printable Workout Cards with:

  • Ultimate CORE workouts
  • ​Best workouts to do while traveling
  • ​Barre workouts
  • ​Booty workouts
  • ​Total Body workouts

...and much more!

Stay Lean Recipes Vol 1, 2, and 3

Includes Special Nutrition & Fitness Tips!

Make cooking a delightful breeze with Stay Lean Recipes Volume 1, 2, and 3 which includes over 172 Quick & Easy to Prepare Meals complete with Nutritional Info and Meal Pictures.

  • Yummy Breakfasts!
  • ​Amazing Appetizers!
  • ​Sinfully Delicious Salads!
  • ​Tasty Entrees and Snacks!

Cravings Buster Recipe Guide

Change Your Conversation Around Sweets!

"I can't believe I ate that!” is a conversation I never want you to have with yourself ever again...

  • Sweet treats packed with goodness & nourishment
  • ​Lower sugar swaps to replace conventional sweet treats
  • ​Stop labeling desert as GOOD or BAD...
  • ​Get Natalie Jill's favorite Aging In Reverse sweet treat recipe

The 7 Day Jump Start Bundle

$257 $57

SAVE $200

  • The 7 Day Jump Start ($97 value)
  • 7 Days with Me Coaching (priceless)
  • Stay Lean Juice & Smoothie Recipe Book ($15 value)
  • ​Build-a-Meal Guide ($15 Value)
  • ​DSR Success Journal ($39 value)
  • ​Build-a-Body Do Anywhere Workout Guide ($27 value)
  • Stay Lean Recipes Vol I, II, III ($45 value)
  • ​Craving Buster Treats Recipe Guide ($19 value)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I have a previous version of The 7 Day Jump Start. Is this different? 
Yes! It’s NEW and completely updated! Since the jump start was originally written, 10 years ago, and the subsequent editions, I have continued to learn what works for myself and my clients and have continued to refine and improve the plan. This version is a culmination of my latest research.
How much cooking is involved? Are there make-ahead foods that can be frozen and grabbed on the way out the door? I just don’t have time to meal prep or cook.
Spending hours in the kitchen, who has time for that?! Most recipes can be whipped up in 10 minutes or less. And we also will provide you with the ‘Building a Meal’ guide. There you will find a simple template to enjoy your meals. You can also make it easier on yourself by picking the recipes you like and repeating them! Double or even triple up on the recipes you like, and heat them up the next day, or freeze them for later.

Is this a keto or paleo diet?
The 7 Day Jump Start is not a diet. It is a nutrition and lifestyle program based on REAL, UNPROCESSED, natural food. It is designed to teach you the habits to lose the first initial pounds and to teach you the basics about healthy eating and weight loss via nutrition. It is a GREAT first step to jump start your weight loss goals!
 Is this compatible with intermittent fasting?
Yes! I am a fan of modified intermittent fasting and while it’s not something we cover on the Jump Start, if you prefer to eat all of your meals within your eating window, that is totally fine! You may also want to check out my THRIVE program, which takes a deeper dive into the benefits of Intermittent Fasting HERE.

What if I have dietary restrictions or am a picky eater? 
No one understands dietary restrictions better than me! Years of frustration were finally alleviated when I found out I have Celiac Sprue (an extreme allergy to gluten). The level of care my team and I have taken to make sure this program has delicious options for all eating styles shows our commitment to health on ANY dietary platform.

 Is this a one-time fee or will I be charged monthly?
This is a one-time payment. You will not be charged again.

What if nothing works for me?
If you believe nothing will work, nothing will. The first step is deciding it's possible to lose weight. And then changing the story around "Nothing is working". I will help you with this during the 7 days with me, the complimentary coaching that accompanies the 7 Day Jump Start. 

The 7 Day Jump Start is based on real, natural unprocessed foods so it will work for everyone in any phase of life. 5-7lbs week 1 is normal as you lose water and bloat in addition to fat and then 2 lbs of fat loss each week to follow is the norm.
Is this a book I can buy?
Totally get it but please don’t let the ‘format’ stop you from having success! A lot of my clients print out the PDF program included and access the membership site for the rest of the program and videos. My hardback RECIPE BOOK version goes along with this but this program and plan is the original method and different. You can see the RECIPE book version HERE:
 I am a vegan. Is there a way to tweak the Jump Start for this lifestyle?
IF you are vegetarian there are lots of swap outs… Meaning if you eat dairy or eggs, yes, the 7 day Jump Start will totally work for you. Although Natalie Jill admires those that choose to be vegan for ethical and environmental reasons, she personally does NOT feel it is the best way to eat for fat loss, energy, and long-term bone health and health in general. She realizes this is a very personal choice. 

Give yourself 7 DAYS that will fly by & 
change you forever! 

Isn’t it about time YOU came first?

Do you avoid shopping for clothes because you can't stand the sight in those dressing room mirrors?

Are you tired of living in a body that doesn’t feel right, because you don’t know how to break the cycle?

Does browsing social media make you feel bad, because you compare yourself to others?

Are you ready to trim your body and transform your mind, so you can start thriving in the way you really deserve? 

Then you’re ready for my 7 Day Jump Start!

I want you to learn skills that you can incorporate into your daily life forever. 

Now the only question is...ARE YOU IN?

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